For many years the Embankment of the Miass has been the main historic and cultural sight of Chelyabinsk.

As early as the fortress of Chelyaba was founded the first bridge across the Miass was laid and it was located on the site of the modern Kirovsky (Troitsky) bridge. In 1814, 200 years ago, the first stone embankment appeared and by the 1870s it was as long as more than 350 meters.

In the 1950s – 1960s the embankment was significantly beautified: in the centre of the city the river was put into concrete. In accordance with the last Soviet General plan of 1967 the banks of the Miass were supposed to be completely reconstructed with the smart embankment being created in the centre of the city but these plans were just partially implemented.

Unfortunately the Miass which was considered by all General plans as a natural compositional axis of Chelyabinsk does not still comply with this concept to full extent. In the centre of the city on the right bank of the river there are garages, neglected areas. The development comprises ensembles not being completed or formed.

The main waterway of the city should be sparingly involved in the historic centre. But even in the way it exists nowadays the embankment of the Miass is our favourite island of nature in the centre of the metropolitan city being surrounded with residential developments and business centres of the city.